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    Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions you would like us to address. We will give you a call or email to clarify and address your comments once we receive your form.

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    All dates are subject to availability; please provide alternate dates in case the original dates you requested are not available. Once we receive your form, we will send an email or call you to confirm your desired date of reservation or schedule you for one of your alternate dates if we have no initial availability.

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    Current climbing members receive a $15 discount for days we climb on the Mohonk Preserve. You are required to bring your membership card with you on the day we climb, otherwise regular fees will be charged as part of your payment.

    Your reservation is only finalized after completing payment here, or via Venmo @doug-ferguson-0.

    Please be sure to print and fill out your waivers (forms below) prior to arrival. If you are unable to do so, please let us know!

    • Participant Registration Form or PDF Download

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    **If you had a good day with your guide, let them know. Gratuities are customary and appreciated.

    *I have read and understood the Cancellation Policy and agree to its terms. I understand that a cancellation three or less days prior to my trip, or not showing up as scheduled on the day of my trip, will cause me to be charged in FULL for the cost of the excursion. Groups of 5 or more will forfeit their deposit in the event of a cancellation less than eight days prior to their scheduled trip.