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Ice Conditions


Warning: Participation in ice climbing involves significant risk of personal injury and death. No amount of skill, equipment and experience can make ice climbing safe. Conditions can change at any time during the day or night due to temperature, sun exposure, rock or ice fall, rain or snow.  Mountain Skills Climbing Guides, Inc. assumes no responsibility for posting these conditions. Seek qualified professional instruction, guidance and use your best judgement.


Ice Climbing Conditions For Deep Notch


Triple R Right out
Triple R Left out
Flagon Flow out
My Old Dog Wolf out
Mr. Doolittle’s Hotel out
Union Hotel out
Half Moon Gully out
Nine Pins out

Long Dong Jr

Long Dong out
East Side Routes out
Last Updated:04-09-16

Ice Climbing Conditions For Stony Clove


The Sun Wall out
The Twin Columns out
The Playground out
East Side Corner out
East Crag Pillar out
Government Mint out
Silver Moss out
Black Powder out
Muzzel Loader Meat Shoot out
2nd Amendment Rights out
East Crag out
Castle Grey Skull out
Offstage out
Stage Right out
The Chute out
Exit Stage Left out
Ron’s Gully out
Climax out
Ice Capades out
The Entertainer out
Them That Die are the Lucky Ones out
Little Fafnir out
The Little Black Dike out
The Spiral Stairs out
Enanem Gully out
The Red Coats are Coming out
Sorenson’s Smear out
That Climb Right out
That Climb out
The Curtain out
The Gurgler out
Ichabod Crane out
Stage Fright out
Sandra’s Route out
Girlfriend Sifter out
Power of One out
The Intervention out
Hallow Intentions out
Last Updated:04-09-16

Ice Climbing Conditions For Platte Clove


Plattekill Falls out
Dark Side out
Sunny Side out
Tiers of Joy out
Bridal Veil Falls out
Scotch on the Rocks out
Japanese Falls out
The Snotcicle out
Point and Shoot out
Devil’s Chandelier out
Lower Devil’s Kitchen out
The Caldron out
The Smear out
Purgatory out
Black Chasm Falls out
Instant Karma out
Devil Dog out
Bridge Work out
The Mephisto Waltz out
The Window out
The Advocate out
Dan and the Devil out
Far Left Side out
Last Updated:04-09-16

Ice Climbing Conditions For Kaaterskill Clove


Flight 98 out
Palenville Corner out
Palenville Pillar out
Jeff’s Wet Dream out
Moore’s Bridge Gully out
Moore’s Bridge Left out
Moore’s Bridge Center out
Moore’s Bridge Right out
Hillyer Falls out
Viola Falls out
Wildcat Falls out
Buttermilk Falls out
Asbestos Wall out
Trails Left Flow out
Kaaterskill Flow out
Lower Kaaterskill Falls out
Kaaterskill Falls Left out
Upper Kaaterskill Falls out
Gottlieb’s Roof out
Last Updated:04-09-16

Ice Climbing Conditions For Shawangunks


Near Trapps out
Boston out
Full Face out
Broken Hammer out

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