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Rock Climbing in the Gunks, Adirondacks & Delaware Water Gap

Mountain Skills Climbing Guides works with only the best climbing guides in the Gunks, Adirondacks and Delaware Water Gap: with us, you will learn more and climb more in an environment designed to maximize your level of comfort and comprehension. Our approach will effectively prepare you for any challenge you may face in the vertical environment. Check out our courses below.



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Intro to Rock Climbing

Welcome to the world of rock climbing! Our introductory program is perfect for those with little or no experience. We’ll take you from novice to climber by showing you the ropes (literally!) and teaching you the fundamentals of climbing, including belaying, rappelling, and basic techniques. Our patient and understanding guides will help you develop your skills and build confidence while having fun on the rocks. We provide all the necessary equipment, and you’ll have the opportunity to climb as many routes as time permits. Our guide service is dedicated to helping you experience the best beginner routes in the Gunks.


Group Rock Climbing Adventures


Boyscouts, Girlscouts, church groups, bachelor parties, corporate team building…… name it and we have facilitated it.  Gathering your group of friends or colleges and enjoying a day rock climbing and rappelling is a great way to spend time outside.  We supply all of the technical equipment such as helmet, harness, rock shoes, belay devices and chalk bags as well as a 4:1 ratio of instructor to client.  Day user fees are also covered by us for the Mohonk Preserve or the Peterskill climbing areas.


2 Day Multi-Pitch Course

This two-day program is designed to take you from the basics of rock climbing all the way to multi-pitch climbing in the Gunks, Adirondacks, or Delaware Water Gap. Day one covers essential skills such as knot tying, climbing movement, belaying for lead and top rope, voice commands, gear removal, rappelling, and rope coiling, as well as single pitch climbing. On day two, you will put your newfound skills to the test by climbing multi-pitch routes in the Trapps, Near Trapps, Chapel Pond Slab, or Mt Minsi/Tammany. Our in-depth instructional program is designed to teach up-and-coming climbers the correct and efficient techniques for ascending and descending cliffs.



In The Gunks….

If you have had a few introductory lessons in climbing or have honed your climbing skills at the gym, it’s time to take it to the next level. Multi-pitch rock climbing is what the Gunks, Adirondacks and Delaware Water Gap are all about! These easy-to-moderate climbing routes are fun, exposed, and will absolutely blow you away. While mastering the art of seconding a climb, you will discover amazing locations and phenomenal views, so be sure to bring a camera! The 2-to-3 pitch classic routes we take you on are world-renowned “must-do”s for climbers. Don’t miss out on High Exposure, Beginner’s Delight, CCK, Frog’s Head, Madame G’s, Jackie, Horseman… and let this be your catalyst for climbing bigger mountains around the globe!




In The Adirondacks….

Beloved multi-pitch routes in the Adirondacks are Pete’s Farewell, The El, Tilman’s Arete, Gamesmanship at Pokomoonshine, the Regular Route or Empress on Chapel Pond Slab, Quadrophenia on Hurricane, Hesitation on the Upper Washbowl, Little Finger on Rogers Rock, Gothic Arch on the South Face of Gothics, or Diagonal on Wallface.



In the Delaware Water Gap….

Super fun multi-pitch routes in the Delaware Water Gap are Black Wall, Tamenund, Triumvirate, The Rib, Double Overhang on the New Jersey side and Surprise, Osprey, Espresso, High Falls on the Pennsylvania side of the river.  Sorry no 1/2 days for climbing at the Watergap.





Sport Climbing

We offer a few locations for sport climbing in the New England region.  Shelving Rock located on beautiful Lake George, NY and Rumney in Rumney, NH.  Both locations have tons of grades to choose from and enough routes to keep you busy for days.





Wintertime Rock Climbing

During the colder months it is still very possible and very enjoyable to rock climb in the Gunks.  The Trapps cliff faces southeast so if it’s sunny out the rock is warm and energizing.  We typically work on half day times starting at 10:00am meeting at Rock and Snow and ending when the sun starts to come off the cliff around 3:00pm.  Following the suggested clothing list for ice climbing works well for winter rock climbing.  Lots of layers and hand warmers in the chalk bag work wonders.


Top Rope Anchor Building Course

Knowing how to set up a top rope is one of the first steps towards becoming a self-sufficient climber. We will introduce you to the fundamentals of setting efficient and secure top ropes. The course includes selecting anchors, choosing routes, accessing the tops of climbs, protecting edges and vegetation. Setting up a directional and rappelling with friction hitch back ups will also be covered in this comprehensive course. This course is a great place for an aspiring leader to begin.

Learn to Lead Climb Course

If you’ve been on rock for a while, whether top-roping and following, sport-climbing or even coming out of a gym, let us introduce you to the art of traditional leading. You will learn to use cams, slings, stoppers and carabiners both correctly and efficiently. We’ll start your day with an in-depth introduction to each piece of equipment, its functions and limitations. Next we’ll teach you how to place each piece of gear properly and build solid two point and three point anchors both pre-equalized and self-equalizing. You will also learn how to belay in a multi-pitch setting off the anchor with a Gri-Gri, Guide ATC or Reverso 3.  Finally, you’ll hone your skills on the sharp end by doing mock leads; you’ll be protected by a top rope while you lead. You and your instructor will then simultaneously rappel your route and critique each gear placement. This comprehensive approach to traditional climbing can be taught in a block of simultaneous days, or stretched out over several days throughout the season.


We offer instructor/client mentoring programs for climbers looking to progress in every facet of climbing.  One on one personal instruction with a schedule you make up when your calendar allows.  From leading on rock to leading on ice or maybe you just want to climb routes with the same guide every week, our mentoring program works with climbers that want personal instruction with a personal touch.  We offer fair discounts to our clients that frequently climb with us on this type of program.




2 Hour Sunset Rappel in the Gunks

This 2 hour rappel trip will expose you to some serious air.  The famous Fat City rappel is 200 feet of all free hanging Hudson Valley goodness.  We meet at 5:00pm in the West Trapps parking area at the Mohonk Preserve, get fitted in your technical rappel equipment and than head up to the top of the Near Trapps to learn the ropes of rappelling.





Self Rescue Course


Ever wondered how to escape the belay from the ground or from a multi-pitch anchor?  How about passing a knot while rappelling or lowering an injured partner down the cliff from anchor to anchor?  Maybe you need to set up an improvised hauling system without mechanical devices or pick off a stuck climber on the cliff while on belay. Or hey, maybe you’re just psyched on climbing and are seeking more knowledge.  In this course, you will learn the concepts of using non-mechanical devices and a normal belay plate to get out of some of the more concerning situations that can arise while climbing.