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hikingIf climbing rock or ice just isn’t your scene, or if you’re just looking for a change of pace from the usual routine, there’s still plenty of fun to be had outdoors! From canyoning, day hiking, scrambling or snowshoeing to multi-day hikes and mountaineering, Mountain Skills has the expertise to make your day an incredibly unique and memorable occasion. We’re more than happy to customize your excursion as per the needs, interests, age and experience level of your group.




Rock Scrambling and Day Hiking


Multi-Day Hikes

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RepellingWaterfall rappelling in New York’s Catskill Mountains is a fun and unique way to explore some the gorgeous backcountry. Mountain Skills Climbing Guides will show you the Catskills from a whole new angle – literally! Your day will consist of  technical descents via rope work, rappelling, scrambling, down-climbing and hiking. For your comfort, we suggest some previous rappelling or climbing experience, but rest assured that all skills are reviewed in-depth prior to sending you over the edge and into the mist of the falls! Group size of 2 or more people needed.  Price is $150 per person(no half days)


mountaineeringLet’s say you’re dreaming of climbing Mt. Rainier or Denali someday… or maybe your next vacation will include some time in the Andres or the Pyrenees. Whatever your plans may be, Mountain Skills Climbing Guides is pleased to offer both basic & intermediate mountaineering courses in the Catskills and Adirondack Mountains of New York as well as the White Mountains of New Hampshire. These trips can be enjoyed both in winter or summer. It’s never to early to start preparing!

The high peaks of the Adirondacks offer some great opportunities to learn the ropes as you begin to prepare for your adventure. The Trap Dike on Mt. Colden or the North Face of Gothics on Gothics are classic Adirondacks mountaineering routes.

FULL DAY Rates for Scrambling, Snowshoeing or Multi-Day Hikes:

$185 for single

$90 per person for two people

$60 per person for three to six people

HALF DAY Rates for Scrambling, Snowshoeing or Multi-Day Hikes:

$110 for single

$55 per person for two people

$40 per person for three to six people


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Rock scrambling at the Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park Preserve is a great way to escape crowds and explore some of the overlooked and interesting areas the Gunks has to offer.  Bonticou, Lost City and Minnewaska State Park Preserve hold non-technical, fun ways of moving over rocky terrain.  Let Mountain Skills Climbing Guides take you off the beaten paths to scenic overlooks offering fantastic views of the Hudson Valley. Please note that our Scrambling and Hiking rates differ from our regular Climbing rates. (scroll up to see)



Forget about slogging through the snow in soggy boots! A snowshoe hike in the peaceful quiet of the backcountry will be a welcome reprieve from all that wintertime holiday bustle and noise. Mountain Skills Climbing Guides will provide you with snowshoes and instruction on proper use and technique, but be sure to check our suggested Winter Gear list so you’re prepared and comfortable throughout the day. The snowshoe trip rates can be found above. Snowshoe hikes can also be coupled with ice climbing excursions.


Multi-Day Hikes

IMG_3552Mountain Skills Climbing Guides offers overnight trips to the Catskill Mountains.  You can choose from the Slide, Wittenberg and Cornell loop or the more difficult Devil’s Path Traverse.  These fantastic two day hiking and camping trips will get you started in your outdoor endeavors, as your guide(s) employ Leave No Trace principles and introduce you to the wonders of the Catskills off the beaten path. If you have another destination in mind for a guided multi-day hike, though, please do not hesitate to contact us. Multi-day hike rates differ from our regular climbing rates and are listed above (scroll up to see them).