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led exclusively by Womxn Guides.

We have teamed up with Genuine Climbing to provide Womxn only programming specifically designed to inspire, educate and nurture women climbers of all levels and abilities. We are here to support each other and build a community of empowered women.

I’m Anyssa! I help women climbers gain confidence by teaching them how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and get stronger so they can climb to their greatest potential.

I’m your person when it comes to the world of breaking out of your comfort zone. I’m the creator and owner of Genuine Climbing and my biggest passion is to inspire you to pursue your biggest goals and desires.

I’m a climbing coach for genuine women, speaker, AMGA single pitch climbing instructor and personal trainer. I’ve been obsessed with how positive thinking and mental work can completely reframe your life and have been teaching it to others for almost a decade.

Contact me at anyssalucena@hotmail for any questions.

Climbing with and learning from Women mentors and guides provides a unique dynamic that is often more nurturing and less intimidating than climbing with men.

Women’s climbing is more than just climbing, it’s an opportunity to connect with other females in a deeper way and have a safe platform for discussing women’s issues.

Register Here for group dates, or to inquire about Women’s guiding.


Upcoming Group Climbing Dates (limited to 6 participants)
9:00am – 4:00pm  $180

Saturday, July 18th  SOLD OUT
Saturday, August 1st
Saturday, August 29th


Women’s Anchor Building Class (limited to 4 participants)  $180

Wednesday, July 22nd (2 spots left)
Thursday, August 13th

Dates book up quickly, Register Here to check for availability


“I want to thank Anyssa for not only teaching me but being patient with me and encouraging and inspiring and not giving up on me. Being a great teacher is not just about technique; it’s about patience, understanding and letting students learn at their own pace and Anyssa nails it!”

“Because of fear, I always had trouble with lead climbing. With Anyssa, I learned better technique, crushed major goals, and kicked fear to the curb. I felt so supported, inspired, and motivated. Anyssa is not only knowledgeable, she is a blast to be around and her energy can motivate you to do things you never thought possible.”


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