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Kids Summer Climbing Camps

$850 For day camp $ $1100 for overnight campers.  All technical climbing equipment is included as well as day use fees.


DSC01426Kids tend to be natural climbers, but if your brood has got you climbing up the walls from all their screen time, send ’em outdoors for an unforgettable summer experience!Both overnight and day camps are available, and our climbing programs are for kids of all ages. Mountain Skills believes in the value of outdoor education, and each camp day is structured around proper cliff etiquette, learning and utilizing the correct belay commands, rappelling techniques, climbing movements and basic knots.

It is absolutely true that climbing can develop your child’s strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. But the benefits go far beyond merely physical conditioning. Our campers’ listening skills, attention span and ability to focus all improve as they earn the self-esteem boost that comes from accomplishing personal goals and learning new skills. Mountain Skills Camp Instructors also make a point of instilling Leave No Trace Principles in the climbing curriculum and work to impress upon our campers the importance of protecting and appreciating our natural environment.

Parents are more than welcome to come along and share in the experience with their child. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Climb Away Program

DougtakesGromitclimbingMountain Skills Climbing Guides is incredibly excited and proud to offer its innovative Climb Away Program to the community. This unique adaptive climbing program is designed specifically for physically or emotionally disabled climbers or aspiring climbers of all ages and abilities. Climbing is an excellent tool for developing and improving strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, but the sense of personal accomplishment that comes from literally ‘conquering the cliff’ is unparalleled. And as we have so often found with our Climb Away clients and amongst our own guides, pushing beyond the limits of what you thought you could achieve for yourself in all aspects of life starts with one small step forward… or in our case, upward.

Our highly skilled staff has worked extensively with climbers who are vision-impaired, who have prosthetic limbs, who are on the autism spectrum and much more. We are committed to customizing the Mountain Skills experience such that any and every person who want to experience the joy and challenge of climbing can finally get out there and “Climb Away!”

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The Climb Away Program also welcomes children and their parents or caregivers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or are interested in participating in Climb Away. All media inquiries should be directed to